Executive Chef Bio

Rose Marie Bowen is the executive chef at Reggae Soul Café. She has been cooking Jamaican food for the public since the age of 17. Ms. Rose got her start at the luxurious world renowned Half Moon Resort, in Rosehall, Jamaica. It was there that she began to develop and share her passion for creating succulent Jamaican dishes that would serve as her resume and deem her a coveted chef. She has prepared meals from different food cultures for people in Germany, and the United States. Even though she thoroughly enjoyed the nuances of these culinary experiences, her passion for sharing the delights of her own cuisine still burned in her heart. This secret desire would come to life in an accidental introduction to Robert and Helene Henry.

Robert and Helene moved to Salisbury, MD ten years ago and were saddened by the absence of authentic Jamaican food. Being first generation Americans of Jamaican parents they longed to provide the Eastern Shore with the authentic foods of Jamaica that they grew up on. After years of contemplating, the union of their dream coupled with the commitment by Rose to iconic food service gave birth to Reggae Soul Café.

It is with great pleasure that we open Reggae Soul Café and present to you the passion and sweetness of Jamaican cuisine prepared by Miss Rose Marie Bowen. Come to Reggae Soul Café and enjoy the sounds of Reggae music, and taste its culinary soul.