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Curry Chicken - Sweet and mildly spiced, whole chicken is cut up and stewed in curry and an array of spices.  With a gravy born out of spices and mingled with onion, tomatoes, and garlic, this Jamaican staple is sure to be a favorite. Served with white rice, or rice and peas, and fried plantains...small...6.49...large...10.99




Curry Goat - A well-known favourite that was created in Jamaica and then went viral. Do you know that in Jamaica we have more goats than sheep? If this meal is not served at a party, well, it’s not a party.  Our goat is served “well curry” (seasoned well with curry) and with fresh herbs and spices braised to perfection. Served with white rice, or rice and peas, and plantains....small...7.99..large...12.99




Oxtail - Poverty is also the mother of delicious invention.  Braised in an array of spices and cooked until very tender and succulent. Served with fried plantains, white rice, or rice and peas....small..8.49..large...13.99





Brown Stew Chicken - Chicken browned in a hot pot and stewed in several herbs and spices until tender and flavorful. Served with fried plantains, white rice or rice and peas....small..6.49..large..10.99

Brown Stew Fish- A seasoned, pan seared fish with a savory, warm herbed sauce. Servd with fried plantains, white rice, or rice and peas...Tilapia..8.99...Red Snapper or Kingfish...14.99

Escoveitch Fish - A method of preparing fish that hails from Spain, the first settlers of Jamaica. A healthy white fish fried to skin crisp perfection and then marinated with a sweet, spicy, savory, but light marinade. Accented with sautéed onions and carrots. Served with festival and fried plantain...Tilapia escoveitch...7.99..Red Snapper or Kingfish...14.49

Rundown- After you have it once, you will continue to "run it down!!" This delight is a pan seared fish that is dressed with a creamy herb blended coconut custard sauce. Served with boiled dumplin'...Tilapia...7.99...Kingfish...14.49

Roti-Roti is an Indian flatbread made with peas, or without. Lovely and filling!!! Served with chicken...10.99, Curry Shrimp...12.99 or goat..12.99

Ackee and Saltfish- Jamaicas national dish. Ackee when paired with codfish in a sautee of tomatoes, onions, and seasonings is definetely a delicious entree....10.99






Patties - Patties is Jamaicas hamburger.  Perfectly seasoned meat is enclosed in a flaky pastry crust. A great option for lunch, or a meal on the go......2.50..Add cheese...0.50
Spicy Beef
Mild Beef

Patty Combo- Try a Patty with Cocoa Bread and a Fountain Drink.....4.99

Pepper Shrimp - As the name implies, hot hot!!! Shrimp sautéed in a spicy sweet scotchbonnet sauce. A perfect mouth watering meal starter hot and spicy...1/2 dozen....11.99 dozen 20.99.  

Reggae Soul Wings - Our flagship creation that is inspired by Jamaican roots and love of fruit. Four wings are well seasoned deep fried and glazed in our secret sauce. Nice! Enjoy them extra spicy or mild. 1/2 dozen..6.99  Dozen...12.99





Codfish Fritters - Known as “Stamp and Go” in Jamaica (food on the go) this culinary delight is sure to please.  Brined codfish,  with herbs, onions, and tomato melded into a batter and fried to a light,crispy finish. A worthy rival of salmon cakes or oyster fritters....6.00

Fish Sandwich- A definete crowd pleaser for anyone who loves fish. Well seasoned pan-seared Tilapia served with lettuce, avocado, tomatoes and onions wrapped in a cocoa bread and drizzled with Reggae Soul Sauce...served with sweet potato, or plantain chips...8.59

Vegetarian Sandwich- Grilled and seasoned vegetables served in warm cocoa bread with avocado and a flavorful bean spread. Very filling....7.59

Jerk Menu

Jerk Chicken - Jamaican flagship culinary delight. Mild but spicy, this well seasoned rotisserie smoked jerk chicken is a classic. Best enjoyed with sweet potato or festival. 1/4  (dark)....7.99 (white)....9.99 1/2 chicken.....12.99 whole..20.99





Jerk Sandwiches- Jerk poultry, or meat that is rotisserie smoked and jerked to perfection. Sliced and served with lettuce, avocado, tomatoes and onions on cocoa bread and drizzled with Reggae Soul Sauce..served with sweet potato chips or plantain chips...Chicken or Turkey...8.39...Beef brisket..8.89...Pork...8.39

Jerk Pork/ Ribs - In Jamaica, the very popular sister of jerk chicken. Marinated overnight in a sea of jerk spice, pork ribs are then slow smoked, rotisserie style and served when tender. Jerk Pork...Small...7.99  Large...9.99    Ribs....1/4 rack...8.99  1/2 rack....15.99  whole....24.99






Chicken Soup - Hearty, healthy and warm. Chicken wings, lentils and “spinner dumplings” ( hand formed dumplings made with flour and cornmeal) along with barley, squash, and herbs make this a complete meal. Add a little “touch” of scotchbonnet pepper sauce to clear your sinuses. Feels good!... 4.29

Red Peas Soup - A complete meal, or a meal starter. Red kidney beans, cuts of beef, and allspice are just a few of the ingredients in this soup that make it tasty and delicious...4.29


Chicken Salad - a salad with apples, romaine lettuce, cheese, dried cranberries and grilled jerk chicken tenders. Filling, nutritious and just plain Irie! Served with your choice of dressing.....6.49

Fruit Salad - Mango and pineapple with a special, savory fruit salad dressing that will make you happy to eat it! Consider it desert or a quick pick me up! ...5.99


Sweet Potato - White, moist, fleshy and creamy textured potato is naturally sweet. A sweeter cousin to the American variety...3.00

Festival - As the name implies, a party in your mouth! A nice light, fluffy, lightly fried dumpling that will highlight any Jamaican food choice. Created by a fisherman from St. Catherine parish of Jamaica..3.00

Plantain - A very popular Caribbean treat. In the banana family, ripe plantain is fried and served with crisp edges. Sweet...3.00

Steam Cabbage-  is sautéed in onions, and herbs, and other seasonings and left to steam to extract an explosion of flavor without cooking out its' nutritional value..3.00

Kale -not a Jamaican variety vegetable, but we do it nice! Sauteed in herbs, onions, and tomato, no meat is used to make this taste fantastic.3.00

White Rice- No seasonings, but a natural flavor and texture all its own..2.00

Rice and Peas - Ok, yes they are red kidney beans, but it’s a Jamaican thing ok? We make our rice and peas with the sweetest of coconut milk, herbs, and seasonings. Can be enjoyed alone, or is just the right accent to have with an entrée..3.00

Cocoa Bread-a buttery, soft white bread. A great companion for jerk items and patties.....2.00

Homemade Drinks

Sorrel - A strong drink of hibiscus sweetened with raw sugar and spiced with ginger root. A traditional, non-alcoholic holiday beverage, but consumed everyday, as it is known to keep a person cool in the hot sun...12oz...3.29

Lemonade - Quenching! Guava or Mango, teased with other tropical juices....3.29   

Ginger Beer - Non-alcoholic, but given the name beer because of its kick! A popular thirst quencher in Jamaica....3.29

Carrot Milk - a natural blend of carrot, and almond milk, nutmeg and sweetened to taste...3.29

Fruit Smoothie....'Ladas...3.29
Jamaican Smoothie because we make it with coconut milk!

Mango - a nutritious very versatile tropical fruit. Extra special any way you eat it.

Guava - a sweet low acid fruit that is enjoyed alone, in a cake, or as a juice. Natures comfort food.

Soursop - don’t miss out! A wonderful yogurt flavored fruit packed with nutrition.

Premium Jamaican Sodas....2.00

Ting, Ginger Beer, Champagne Cola, Pinapple soda, Cream Soda

Fountain Drinks

Pepsi Products....1.80